ENVIRO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (EIC) is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Dust Suppression System, Centrifugal Fan, Air Washers, Bag Filters, Decorative Beads, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Stock Yard Sprinkling System, Fog Cannon, Belt Conveyor System, Screw Conveyor System, etc.

Pneumatic Conveying System

We supply pneumatic conveying system for all applications, We generally prefer to supply normally dense phase pneumatic conveying system for fly ash and various types of dust from esp, bag filters etc. We have very innovative design with very low pressure drop, comprising blow tanks, silos, etc

We have indigenously developed and designed the very efficient valves, like Dom valves, Isolation valves.  Specially design and developed Transporter  vessels assist in very low friction conveying of dusts.  Specially designed controlling mechanism are provided.

We can also supply lean phase system, depend on applications.

  • Type  of   Pneumatic  - Conveying  System
  • Dense Phase   Conveying  System
  • Lean Phase   Conveying  System
  • High pressure   Conveying  System

We can take  the system on turnkey basis, we can even supply collecting Silos, dust conditiong system or dust packaging system, bag filters along with the basic pneumating conveying system

 Pneumatic conveying systems are basically quite simple and are eminently suitable for    the transport of powdered and granular materials in factory, site and plant situations.  The system requirements are a source of compressed gas, usually air, a feed device,  a conveying pipeline and a receiver to disengage the conveyed material and carrier gas.  The system is totally enclosed, and if it is required, the system can operate entirely   without moving parts coming into contact with the conveyed material. High, low or  negative pressures can be used to convey materials. For hygroscopic materials dry air  can be used, and for potentially explosive materials an inert gas such as nitrogen can  be employed. A particular advantage is that materials can be fed into reception vessels  maintained at a high pressure if required

Pneumatic conveying systems are particularly versatile. A very wide range of materials  can be handled and they are totally enclosed by the system and pipeline.  a hopper or silo in one location to another location some distance away. Considerable   flexibility in both plant layout and operation are possible, such that multiple point feeding  can be made into a common line, and a single line can be discharged into a number  of receiving hoppers. With vacuum systems, materials can be picked up from open storage  or stockpiles, and they are ideal for clearing dust accumulations and spillages.  Pipelines can run horizontally, as well as vertically up and down, and with bends in  the pipeline any combination of orientations can be accommodated in a single pipeline  run. Conveying materials vertically up or vertically down presents no more of a problem  than conveying horizontally. Material flow rates can be controlled easily and monitored  to continuously check input and output, and most systems can be arranged for complete automatic operation.

 Pneumatic conveying systems are particularly versatile. A very wide range of materials  can be handled and they are totally enclosed by the system and pipeline.

Dense Phase Conveying System
The Dense Phase Conveying System is the most advanced,  efficient and most reliable system to convey material  with wide  range of capacities of dry bulk solids up to 200 TPH, with  terminal distances exceeding - 1,200 meters. This system includes weighing, batching, blending, lump breaking, storage, master control equipments etc. through Dense Phase Conveying System for bulk material handling in the plant.

Dense Phase System is used to push and convey the highly dense concentration of bulk solids materials effectively at a low constant speed inside the conveying pipe lines. Any type of material (heavy, abrasive or, fragile, crystalline or granular ) can be conveyed without causing the degradation due to low velocity and less wear to the system components. Dense Phase System is reliable, flexible and maintenance free due to lower quantum of moving parts and it can also be easily installed  at location, where space availability constraint is there.

The low volume of air is utilized at the ash / transporting vessel to convey  the material into the line at maximum density while the balance air quantity is added along the conveying line through coupling unit provided at starting on the pipeline to overcome the pipeline frictional losses thus pumping material at the highest obtainable efficiency. The Coupling Unit ensures a uniform gradient and helps to maintain the material at maximum density. It also helps in maintaining the desired velocity, and over coming the pipeline / bend's friction and helps to restart the flow of blocked material if any along the conveying line regardless of length. These Coupling Unit also helps in minimizing the compressed air consumption and pipe abrasion.

Lean Phase system
Lean Phase system works on low air pressure,  herein  material is conveyed in suspension in the flowing air.  To keep the material in suspension in the pipeline it is necessary to  maintain a minimum value of conveying line inlet air velocity that, for most materials, is  of the order of 13–15 m/s.

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