ENVIRO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (EIC) is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Dust Suppression System, Centrifugal Fan, Air Washers, Bag Filters, Decorative Beads, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Stock Yard Sprinkling System, Fog Cannon, Belt Conveyor System, Screw Conveyor System, etc.

Grain Silos

Firmly dedicated towards delivering the unrivaled quality, we offer Grain Silos in a wide range to our customers. They are perfect for rice, flour, or for any type of grain storage system. On turnkey basis, grain s collected from stock yard and further conveyed to silo for storage using different types of conveying system. We also provide the material that gets conveyed from the silo to end use point where processing of grains will take place. On order, we can provide GI, MS, SS304, SS316, SS400 series etc. in stainless steel. This range includes Hopper Bottom Silo, Flat Bootom Silo and Corrugated Steel Silo.

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Hopper Bottom Silo

Hopper bottom silo, also named as cone bottom silo, hopper bottom storage bins, refers to silo with a cone bottom. Generally, a funnel is needed in the silo for most material storage. For small silo storages, the steel hopper/cone can be fixed with the sidewalls. However for industrial silos with large diameter, to reduce the risk, the


Flat Bootom Silo

We have made ourselves a prominent figure by offering a wide assortment of Flat Bootom Silo. At the request of customers, we provide different designs and sizes. Being the most commonly applied silo in agriculture and industrial industry, it is considered the best solution for cost effective long term storage. It is widely


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