ENVIRO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (EIC) is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Dust Suppression System, Centrifugal Fan, Air Washers, Bag Filters, Decorative Beads, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Stock Yard Sprinkling System, Fog Cannon, Belt Conveyor System, Screw Conveyor System, etc.

Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic Precipitator

Enviro International Corporation is known as a trustworthy Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Electrostatic Precipitator. Our Electrostatic Precipitator is ideal for the removal of Fly Ash, Dust etc., from the Fumes and Exhaust Gases before they go out to stack. Our Electrostatic Precipitator is widely preferred for removing fine particulates from air streams. The gases enter in our Electrostatic Precipitator and come out with a cleanliness up to 99.9%.

EIC , being ISO 9001-2008 , company has quality is a way of doing business.

We have manufactured and supply bag filter on various application like Induction furnace, banbury mixture, rolling mill Furnace, coal handling plant, Crusher and screen house, bunker house, sponge iron plants ,Rice mill, cement plants coal based thermal power plant etc .

The ventilation equipment are available from 2000 m3/hr to 3,00,000 m3/hr capacity and can be supplied for various applications namely, MCC rooms, ventilation for works, tunnel ventilation, ventilation for basement, crusher house, exhaust fan system, ventilation system for complete thermal power station Etc.

Industries We Serve :
  • Steel
  • Sponge
  • Cement
  • Ferro Alloys plant
  • Bio Gas Power Plant
  • Power Plant

Collection Electrodes : Manufactured with special profile to accommodate quiescent zone to prevent re-entrainment of dust in to the air stream
  • Made on accurate rolling machines so as to have perfect straightness from top to bottom
  • Design to transmit rapping force uniformly across the entire plate with bottom welded anvil plates

Discharge Electrode : Manufactured with tube and spike for excellent corona generation with optional SS discharge points for long life
  • The tube is square so as to have additional sharp edges for corona discharge
  • Long lasting as compared to weighted wire electrodes

Ceramic Insulators : High alumina content ceramic insulators for high compressive strength to take the load
  • Special design to prevent direct contact with heat and therefore not prone to crack due to condensation

Rapping System : Motorized tumbler hammer rapping system to avoid complexities of magnetizing
  • Very simple to maintain as compared to EMIGI system
  • “Power off rapping” can be incorporated so that the dust cake collapses with least resistance

TR Set and Controller : Has rapping control incorporated in same controller thus saving on additional cost unlike EMIGI system
  • Pulse power system available which can be used for optimization
  • It is incorporated with high impedance to give short circuit protection even in case of controller failure
  • Spark sensitivity can be changed to optimize performance

The Process : Ionization: Charging of particles
  • Migration : Transporting the charged particles to the collecting surfaces
  • Collection : Precipitation of the charged particles onto the collecting surfaces
  • Charge Dissipation : Neutralizing the charged particles on the collecting surfaces
  • Particle Dislodging : Removing the particles

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