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Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit on offer finds its application in cooling and heating purpose of any space, workshop, offices etc. For dehumidification, cooling coil is employed to over-cool for reaching dew point resulting is condensation. Re-heat coil is placed after the cooling coil to re-heat the air to the desired temperature. It can be availed from us in bulk orders at an affordable price.

More About Air Handling Unit : AHU is used to provide heating, cooling, or both to change the supply air temperature, and humidity level depending on the application. It can be   provided by heat exchanger coil(s) within the air handling unit air stream; such coils may be direct or indirect in relation to the medium providing the heating or cooling effect Indirect coils use hot water or steam for heating, and chilled water for cooling (prime energy for heating and cooling is provided by central plant elsewhere in the building). Coils are typically manufactured from copper for the tubes, with copper or aluminium fins to aid heat transfer. Cooling coils will also employ eliminator plates to remove and drain condensate. The hot water or steam is provided by a central boiler, and the chilled water is provided by a central chiller. Downstream temperature sensors are typically used to monitor and control "off coil" temperatures, in conjunction with an appropriate motorized control valve prior to the coil.

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